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SWYVZ™ is the only unique product that provides an ergonomic design, comfortable and secure grip for portable devices. SWYVZ™ folding flush handle design is advantageous for everyday use when taking photos/videos, gaming, watching content and reading!

SWYVZ™ handles swivel open 180° for a grip at any angle.

SWYVZ™ handles open and close instantly with the spring action design.

SWYVZ™ enables you to ergonomically grip your device like never before.

Photos And Videos

SWYVZ gives you the ability to capture photos and videos at angles you never thought possible! Allowing you to hold your phone more comfortably while giving you more grip, you won’t have to worry about dropping your device!

For Gaming

SWYVZ handles create a superior grip of form and function taking your gaming experience to the next level!

No Obstruction Viewing

SWYVZ allows device to be held securely with an unobstructed view of screen while watching/recording videos.

Opportunities With SWYVZ™

SWYVZ is design and utility patented for one or more rotatable attached handles affixed to the back portion on the device case. Each of the handles can rotate 180°. This unique design also creates a flush case when handles are not in-use.

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